about us

ESAudio is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality pro-audio loudspeaker systems. To provide the highest quality and control over our products we have our own manufacturing facility in Hungary, Europe.

history of our company 

We would like to tell you a story, a wonderful one that happened in 1976. This was where history was made by our founder, Sándor Elek. He started to do sound engineering and learned a lot from trusted people in the industry from the United States and from Germany. He soon drew the conclusion and realized that his life is in the sound business. The first Hungarian loudspeaker, the modular NJ series came to life in 2012. As you know ESAudio is devoted to continued innovations in loudspeakers technology. Our main purpose is to give our customers and end users the sound they are seeking for, that’s why our slogan is: “Find your own sound”. 

The ESAudio brand name has been known on the Hungarian market for almost 10 years, as our company was founded at that time, and our professional knowledge dates back several decades based on the experience of our employees in the profession. We started our line of work with sound engineering and installation of technical equipments in the late 70’s, but in a short time we realized we need better loudspeakers then the market had in the past. This was the time, when we started to design and manufacture our first own equipments and present them in 2012.

Over the years, the ESAudio brand has become increasingly well-known across the country and today we can say it is becoming really popular in the international market as well. The main features of our loudspeakers are a high quality, value ,longevity, and unique sound. Thanks to our continuous development, we manufactured our own ribbon tweeters, so the speech intelligibility is where we stand out from the rest of the industry players.

The ESAudio team believes in the harmony of innovation and sustainable development. Our production has been carried out with this in mind in the recent years, so we produce some of our energy needs with the help of solar panels. Our future plan is that the whole manufacturing facility will be a self-sustaining building.

OUR news

Hungarian Brands Award

The ESAudio won the Hungarian brand award in 2022.

City of life church

Our first American church project in Florida.
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