line array system

ESAudio offers line array, subwoofer, column array and point source loudspeakers.

NJ 66-A

The NJ 66-A is a revolutionary-compact bi-amped 2 way cardioid line array which utilizes a 5" proprietary ribbon tweeter designed and engineered in our factory in Hungary. The enclosure is featuring another two lightweight, long excursion 6,5” neodymium speakers.

The NJ 66 line array is powered by Powersoft LiteMod HV. This is a compact and stark switching mode amplifier module aimed to drive high impedance loads, capable to deliver 700 W of power.

YM 88-A

Four way - active - line array
This is the industries first hybrid 4 way cardioid loudspeaker, that use a ribbon tweeter and a compression driver at the same time and taking advantage of both types of tweeters. Two separate acoustic chambers for the 8” speakers and a separate housing for the amplifier guarantee the best components efficiency and reliability.

The YM 88-A line array is powered by Powersoft LiteMod 4HC. This amplifier is an extremely versatile amplification platform integrating PFC equipped power supply for universal mains operation and 4 output stages delivering up to 2400W total.

The LiteMod 4HC performances can be easily tailored and controlled through Powersoft's ArmoníaPlus making all kind of processing tools easily available.
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