ESA NJ4-6-8 CA family

Column Array TM System

The NJ8 CA product line is a system of column arrays developed for speech, and with auxiliary SUB cabinets also capable of doing smaller music performances.

Our column arrays are suitable for sound reinforcement at small venues where the small size is an esthetic demand. The special positioning of the loudspeakers in the cabinet delivers an outstanding acoustic benefit and results in a crystal clear sound. The NJ8 series is characterized by its high speech intelligibility. The NJ8 product line consists of 4, 6, and 8 loudspeaker cabinets and their combinations, extendable up to 32 depending on the objective.

The cabinets can be connected vertically. The dispersion is a very smooth 150 degrees horizontally, while the vertical dispersion varies from 60 to 30 degrees. The angle of the vertical connection at combined use is variable. The chassis is made of aluminum and can be ordered in black or white. The cabinet can be installed very quickly using the wall mount kit, which also lets the cabinet to be rotated horizontally. The cabinets are totally weather proof thanks to the aluminum chassis and to the Kevlar diaphragms and rubber surrounds used in the 4” loudspeakers. The members of the NJ8 CA product line can be ordered both as constant-voltage or ohmic speakers.