E-Flexibility ™

The E-FlexibilityTM system has been changing the life of the professionals working with amplification for last years. Warehousing, transporting and the installation are not heavy duties anymore, however, thanks to ESAudio they became easy-to-manage jobs. ESAudio’s development strategy is that the systems designed by the company should meet all kind of installation requirements, in terms of smaller or bigger rooms, both indoor and outdoor usage. Our pioneer innovation, the ASE NJ series are unique in this context. The system can be configured and transported easily and due to those points the running costs can be reduced significantly.

E-flexibility ™ (Installation)

With this patented innovation a quick and flexible system has been created, which ensures excellent sound quality. The concept was to offer a modular system to the user, who can plan extensively with a system from 2 modules or the variations of 2 modules.
With the quick and simple “clip connection”, E-FlexibilityTM allows the usage as a simple compact speaker or a high performance line array system or a 2 or 3 level system which meets all kind of requirements.

The system is perfect for all kind of events since using E-FlexibilityTM elements the notion of “typical system” doesn’t exist anymore. Any size or any parameter can be set up from the elements of E-Flexibility ™.

The basis of being configured is ensured by loudspeakers NJ66 and NJ12. Using those two elements, because of their wide frequency range outstanding lucidity of speech and precise fidelity of both classical and pop music are possible. In case of necessity the elements can be combined in many versions. (ESA-NJ66, ESA-NJ12C, ESA-1266C, ESA-12C, ESA-126, ESA-22C, ESA-32C, ESA-42C) As long as the program needs low frequency range, the system can be completed by subwoofers NJ15, NJ18 or NJ218SC.

This variability is ensured by the new ESA standard connection hardware. When connecting the cabinets, extraordinary precise, fine settings are allowed. Vertically, the connection angles can be adjusted between 0-6 degrees for the pairs. Horizontally, 4 pieces of NJ12A elements can be put together. In this case, the horizontal angle of radiation spreads to the range 60 degrees @100Hz. The loudspeakers are waterproof, with a solid polycarbonate composite coating. As the result of the cardioid effect the basses have lower reflection to the stage. Based on our patent, this radiation activity can be executed by every single device separately.