ESAudio LTD.

The ESAudio brand has been known on the market for 5 years since the company was found 5 years ago. However, our professional competence is based on decades spent by our colleagues in the field. Well, even we have stated our job with installation of technical equipment, and the design and the production of our own started later, in 2012. Our goal was to develop such a sound system, which also will able to meet the special requirements of the theatres. We wanted to find the solutions for the continuous problems such as to eliminate singing created by the usage of the wireless microphones, interface microphones, field recording microphones and for creating such a fidelity of sounds, which is able to give back the symphonic music perfectly, without any distortion.

During the last years ESAudio brand name became better known in the country and for today it is more and more popular even on the international market. The main features of our loudspeakers are the excellent quality, the value, long lifetime and the individual fidelity of sound. Due to our continuous development we could launch new types of loudspeakers, which can be combined very well according to the special requirements.

ESAudio development strategy is that the systems designed by the company should meet all kind of installation requirements, in terms of smaller or bigger rooms, both indoor and outdoor usage. Our pioneer innovation, the ESA NJ series are unique in this context.

With our patented innovation E-FlexibilityTM we have introduced a quick and flexible system, which ensures excellent sound quality. Our ESAudio products are manufactured using the latest computer-aided machinery. All parts, which are designed or produced by ESAudio, go for comprehensive quality control.

ESAudio team believes in the harmony of the innovation and the sustainable development. Considering this principle, we have invested into manufacturing facilities: for example the energy used by our manufacturing plant is produced partly by our own solar panels. Our equipment includes the latest CNC-cutters and -mills and other machinery, so we are in the position to optimise the material usage and minimise the row material losses.